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Cypress Coast

Boards for Good Humans by Good Humans

I desire to provide friends, family and customers with wave riding crafts to share the pleasure that I derive from the ocean. Boards are tailored to one's specifications one planar pass at a time, ensuring the utmost precision in the creation of your new vessel.

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About Us

With delusions of grandeur I find immense drive to create perfect planing crafts for waves of every form, shape and size. Allow me to tailor a vehicle for your needs and desires. Cypress Coast Surfboards was born in Monterey, California and has relocated to San Luis Obispo, CA.

If you are in the San Luis Obispo area, we provide the opportunity to be a part of the process of creating your new shape. Picture yourself in our six-board shaping bay, saturated with foam, watching your shape form in front of your eyes. Give the shaper real-time feedback regarding your shape and learn the general shaping process.

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P/U Base Prices (Call for a custom quote)
Under 6'0: $365
6'0-6'11 : $385
7'0-7'11 : $425
8'0-9'0 : $525
9'1-10'4 : $550

SUP Base Price:

Step Up
Monte Vista Longboard
Rock Rider
Stumpy Umpy / Little Nug II
Little Nug
Piedras Special
Elephant Seal Step-Up
Elephant Seal II
Elephant Seal
Cabezon Fish
Modern Shortboard
Standard Shortboard

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(831) 236-5706

Cypress Coast Surfboards

Custom surfboards for Central California. From small wave craft, high performance shortboards, to guns for paddle power.